Designer: Marta Chodorowska
School: Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: Poland

La Libellule is a fictional French perfumery. They specialize in natural perfumes and cosmetics. Their products are of excellent quality and available only in Paris. “La libellule” means “dragonfly” and this insect is visible in logo. In it’s shape there are hidden two letters L.

The perfumery offers cosmetics in four fragrance lines: Jasmine de Soir, Rose d’été, Jardin and Violette Joyeuse. Each line is marked by different colour. The drawings of flowers visible on labels of the lines are also the illustrations of the fragrance inside – each fragrance line is composed of different notes. The packaging style reflects the aspect of luxury and exclusiveness of these fully natural French cosmetics.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery