Design: Victoria Ng
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Technology, Sydney
Course: Bachelor of Visual Communication
Tutor: Sarah Jane Jones
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Superfoods
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Envirocare Paper

SoulSister is an innovative brand for all kinds of dried superfood with a high nutritional profile. It is a representation to people who wants to optimise their daily nutrients in a healthy and deserving manner.

Although superfood has become a popular trend in recent years, many people have little to no understanding of its’ amazing health benefits and just how simple it can be incorporated into their everyday lifestyle. More so, when people strive to lose weight or start a new health kick they often fixture their minds on calorie consumption and fad diets rather than having a sustainable diet filled with natural produce. As such, the nutritional information is divided into two sections with the most important facts written on the side of the box.

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