Agency: Atomicdust
Designer: Jason Stoff, Rich Heend, Taylor Dixson, Mike Spakowski
Client: Direct Sound
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: United States

Direct Sound’s Extreme Isolation headphones provide professional musicians with clear, accurate sound and total isolation to keep external noise out. Atomicdust was hired to modernize the brand and help it stand out in the increasingly crowded professional headphone market.

We polished the brand’s look to place it more in line with professional monitors, mixers, microphones and other tools of the trade. While the headphones were designed to appeal primarily to professionals, the sleek new color-coded packaging increases the products’ general consumer appeal. We took images of working musicians using the headphones in actual studio spaces, as well as consumers using them on-the-go, to demonstrate how Direct Sound’s isolation technology works across products and audiences. We also refined the logo and increased the use of clean typography to update the feel and the finish of the individual products.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery