Agency: Ohmybrand
Designer: Nadezhda Parshina
Copywriter: Almira Sultanmuratova
Client: Sychiovsky Milk
Country: Russia

Sychiovsky Milk is a small dairy plant in Smolensk region that involves all the stages of milk production: they have their own pastures, they have cows of the Sychiovsky breed that local employees believe to be – no, not sacred, but totally worthy of respect and great care, and what they also have is smart equipment and clever professionals.

There is an opinion that the most delicious milk is produced by tender cows that love to kiss – and the branding studio Ohmybrand has developed for the milk package “Iz Sychiovki” the design that shows the affectionate climate in which natural milk with a rich taste is made.

The packages of kefir, cottage cheese and milk can be compared to a family album as they depict real workers of the Sychiovsky plant – alone or with their children, embracing cows with gratitude. Photos with kittens have known better days – real people take photos with cows!

Green fields, blue sky, happy people – all this illustrates the idyllic conditions where this ecologically pure product is made with such love and care. The new slogan developed for this line emphasizes the same idea.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery