Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands / United Kingdom.

MYSTERY, is the newly introduced, cocktail inspired RTD, from Heineken Czech Republic. The Zlatopramen Beer Brand, a pioneer in the Czech market is leading the trend. The flavors of the new party drink appeal to women who are looking for an alternative to mixed alcoholic drinks. CARTILS applied its specialized know-how of flavoured beverages, relating to the beer category to create this modern, radiant and innovative character into a fresh bold yet elegant design.

MYSTERY with 4% alcohol has no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and is complete with essential components of each of the selected cocktails. “MYSTERY is the perfect party drink for women. Attractive design and delicious drinks should be appealing choice to charm every woman thirsting for entertainment. You can choose the best drink for your mood, whether it’s an exotic refreshing MYSTERY Mango Mojito, sweetly delicate MYSTERY Piña Colada, or brazenly bitter High Society.” George Reed, Marketing Director HEINEKEN Czech Republic.

The name MYSTERY fits the brand personality, confident, sexy, smart, and witty as well as the cocktail environment. The drink behaves as a personal barman, making the women feel gorgeous whilst staying mysterious. CARTILS developed a modern outspoken presentation, with touches of silver and lace adding elegance yet a certain mystique and bite suiting the segment, while the black features integrate boldness and confidence into the mystery. The symbols add badge values and can be used as strong communication tools, each reflecting the emotional essence of its particular flavour.

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