Designed by Aesop, United Kingdom.


Aesop, the brand storytelling agency, have come up with a playful, ‘cheeky’ design and campaign for Bristows

Martin Grimer, Executive Creative Director, Aesop comments: “This was all about injecting fun and personality into the brand. Our mouth-focused pack idea inspired us to capture the chewy, ‘sucky’ experience in a campaign using gurning!”

The in-store POS material, to coincide with the new pack launch, will feature a series of ‘gurning’ wobblers with the straplines ‘they suck’ and ‘they’re chewy’. Fun and funny, they capture the physical experience and taste sensation of eating a Bristows Bonbon.

David Ives, Managing Director, Creditons Confectionery Ltd, comments: ”With Aesop it’s all about the story – and they have managed to tell ours with wit and style that references the brands heritage whilst bringing it bang up to date”.

Aesop has also created new packaging for Bristows Chewy Bonbons that will launch in July/August. Designed for a younger audience and featuring bold psychedelic colours and a collection of zany
characters – it’s a design approach which is all about communicating ‘the chew’.

Bristows Traditional Bonbons will appear on shelf June 2013.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery