Designed by Taylor Benvenutti, United States.
School: Savannah College of Art and Design

This is a redesign project for Stauffer’s Animal Crackers as a student work. It has fun, attractive colors that work together and individually. The packaging resembles a circus ticket and utilizes elements from vintage circus posters such as an assortment of type and decorative ornaments. I wanted to promote Stauffer’s various flavors by giving each one a different illustrated mascot. Designs for on-the-go cups are included for each package, as well.

Stauffer’s is best recognized for animal crackers but also produces a variety of crackers and cookies in three bakeries around the United States. Enjoy snacking with delicious Stauffer’s animal crackers in a variety of flavors and shapes. Stauffer’s animal cracker and cookie varieties have expanded from Original, Mini, Chocolate, Iced and Cinnamon Graham. Each day Stauffer’s produces more than 250 tons of animal crackers, cookies, and snack crackers on fifteen oven lines using only the finest ingredients.

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