Design: Rade Stjepanovic
Location: United States
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Lemonade
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, metal

The idea behind this is to create 26 different letter designs so each lemonade would have its own letter and its own flavor. The ideal places for this lemonade to be sold would be schools especially elementary ones where the kids still learn the alphabet. The kids would be able to collect the cans with all 26 letters, have them in order and learn the alphabet. A lot of fun for kids!

The lemonade cans would be packaged in specially designed tubes. Each tube would contain 4 cans of the same flavor. So, there would be 26 different paper tubes where each tube would represent one flavor.

What's Unique?
The thing that's unique about this project is the idea of kids learning the alphabet while enjoying the flavor of the lemonade.

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