Design: Parabrand Group
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Sweet potato
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard

52 Degrees is a new sweet potato brand launched by Shijiazhuang Huigu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Huigu Agricultural Biotechnology Branch, which has been engaged in the research and promotion of virus-free seedlings for 20 years. At present, the number of production and sales of test-tube seed potatoes has reached the first in China. It is also the original seed subsidy enterprise of the Ministry of Agriculture. The biotechnology team finally produces healthy and high-quality seedlings through a series of technologies such as strain selection, explant disinfection, stem tip stripping, virus detection, tissue culture and rapid propagation, and factory seedling breeding. . High-quality virus-free seedlings are the key basis for planting sweet potatoes and the root of producing good sweet potatoes.

This time, Shijiazhuang Huigu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. found the design team to carry out brand strategy and visual design for its newly launched sweet potato brand. Through many discussions between the two parties, it was determined that its brand is a good product of 52 degrees. The brand name is derived from the sweetness of the sweet potato of Huigu, which reached 52 degrees and the spirit of ingenuity and cultivation of Huigu itself. 52 Degrees Liang Zuo directly reflects the sweetness 52 in the name, and uses numbers as marketing memory points to reach consumers' minds. This is a marketing highlight that the design design team is looking for. Huigu owns the leading technical advantages and professional talents in the field of sweet potato, which provides the conditions for the cultivation of its excellent selection and ingenuity.

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