Agency: Shumi Love Design
Client: Acorex
Country: Moldova

Design concept development, label restyling, pre-press, photo shoot

The agency was set with the task to redisgn an existing line of sparkling wines. Since the series was launched, the label was already redesigned but with little success. The client’s main requirement was making this series of sparkling wines look more noble, exquisite and festive. We had to get a result, where the product would be perceived by the consumer as a respectable sparkling wine for feasts, friend parties and holiday dinners.

While working on this project our main aim was to keep the continuity of the product. As a result, the new design should be recognbizable by the loyal buyers on one hand, and become more attractive to draw new buyers as well. The agency was able to keep the continuity of the design by applying a new interpretation of the stylie-defining pattern of the label. Besides, the design implied the use of special printing techniques that would lower the production costs, and at the same time rank the products within the line.

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