Agency: LIFT creative agency
Creative Director: Ivan Dzivakovskiy
Copywriter: Zhenya Pe
Designer: Tim Nevidim
Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Sipping coffee on the go from paper cups is a new social ritual, a special way that shows everyone you are an active energetic young person without you saying a word. Modern citizen always on the run: got no time to wait your meal served – you’re too busy to watch tv or to read news while you stop for a minute just for a cup of coffee and you don’t need to. Because its you who make news in the city, it’s you who has to be shown. You are the one who make the rhythm of the city, who make its pulse. And your item is a paper cup of your favourite coffee.

Challenge: create a brand for a coffee-to-go chain with spots looking like gigantic paper cups.

Idea: We made a brand name «DOUBLE U COFFEE» from a simple insight: sometimes you want to double yourself up to be in two places at the time, to have a few idle hands, to do things two times more an two times faster and live for yourself two times longer. Seems like kind of magic. But isn’t coffee itself simply gives us that feeling of helpful magic? Simple Hot Magic.

Also we doubled a male image from the first two letters that says «DO» and this DO-man has agreed to serve as the brand logo. So simple.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery