Designer: Della Tosin
School: Art Center College of Design
Instructors: Ania Borysiewicz, Tomo Ogino
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: United States

The Gillette redesigns targets young men by celebrating their manhood. Buying a Gillette is buying the perfect gift for yourself. As a gifting experience, the real treat lies within. As the user slides out the packaging, there is an opening ritual revealing the razor slowly.

Inspired by Gillette’s freebies marketing where they ship out free razors for men turning 18, the new Gillette is about celebration. Currently, Gillette’s packaging does not have shelf presence; everything looks the same.

Contrary to their current sporty, hectic, and outdated design, the new approach is tailored, clean, friendly, and sharp. The pattern of the packaging showcases the slices of blade, simple yet stands out on the shelves. Compared to the current rounded shape of the foam packaging, the new “Gillette” claims its most innovative razor image by offering sharp visual. The color is limited only to silver and denim blue, showing a sophisticated yet casual image.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery