Designed by Path Designs, United Kingdom.

Cuban Gasoline is a ‘blue-sky’ concept produced by our design team at Path, and is inspired by the trends for unconventional packaging and the increase in men looking for unique drinking experiences.

Bacardi is a brand and product no longer seen as a particularly masculine proposition – over the decades it has become synonymous with feminine cocktails and mixes. The Unisex Economy has upended gender conventions in alcohol, and so we sought to harness the growing demand among men for more masculine cocktails by developing a unique proposition – Cuban Gasoline.

It is historical fact that during the prohibition of the 1920’s, oil cans and tins were often used to smuggle liquor across the states.

This gave us the inspiration to create a truly remarkable and unique structural format that not only has a clear stand-out presence on shelf, but also embodies the spirit and history of the prohibition.

A key part of our strategy was to empower the consumer with a sense of knowledge, telling a story that would be retold in bars among friends and creating a real point of difference. The unique and unconventional structure and branding differentiates the proposition in the market, while still embodying the spirit and ethos of the Bacardi brand.

The use of bold typography and a limited colour palette was inspired by the branding of 1920’s American oil-cans – helping add authenticity and belief to the proposition, as well as creating a style that is uniquely different from many of the market competitors.

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