Agency: Shumi Love Design
Client: Expert Vin
Country: Russia

Design concept creation, trademark design, label design, pre-press, photo shoot

The Expert Vin" company has approached our agency with the task of creating an attractive design for the line of dry wines produced under their own trademark.

A gastronomic experiment in the wine label design. It’s all simple: red wines go with meat, while white wines – with cheese.

The design puts the customer’s focus on the recommended consumption of wine during meals. The red and white wines are divided by the concept of their use with meat and cheese dishes respectively.

The name of the series as well as the use of classic French wine varieties – all this has lead to the idea of a style, which would reflect the spirit of French cuisine in a cozy French restaurant. That’s exactly what has been reflected in the label’s design.

The production of this label involved a range of modern post-printing techniques: the images of meat and cheese are additionally outlined on the matte label with the application of tactile varnish.

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