Agency: Studio Sanna Adv
Designer: Massimiliano Sanna
Client: Ente Fiera Della Nocciola / Atl Langhe Roero
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Italy

NOCCIOLART and Piedmont hazelnuts IGP: real resource of the territory, universally recognized and appreciated as the best in the world.

Design object that remembers and recalls the gestures and real values ​​of a rich and proud of its history and its traditions, can be a "synthesis" of the ancient sages and gestures than once.
All wrapped up in a very elegant and refined packaging, able to enhance and Hazelnut, a real queen of the land.

Nocciolart, in fact, is a blend of raw materials, their territory, to seal even more authenticity and richness of the Alta Langa.

The chestnut wood used for the base, on which is placed the stone of Langa, with the "grooves" on which to place the hazelnuts. A true object of design, destined to become the country (hotels, restaurants, consortia development, atl) and abroad a real subject of "cult", intended for a heterogeneous target and cross.

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