Type of work: Commercial work
Country: The Netherlands

CARTILS unites the Italian passion of S.Pellegrino and Ducati in a limited edition design

Every year S.Pellegrino launches a global limited edition following the theme “LIVE IN ITALIAN”. This year for the new limited edition package design S.Pellegrino co-brands with Ducati, for which the international packaging design consultancy CARTILS won the pitch. S.Pellegrino is the world’s leading Italian sparkling mineral water in fine dining. Ducati is the famous Italian company that designs and manufactures motorcycles. Two totally different product categories but with one core value in common, Italian passion. CARTILS reaffirmed its expertise in limited editions. The new co-branded global limited edition of S.Pellegrino and Ducati is an iconic and outspoken design.

In the creation of this global co-branded limited edition of S.Pellegrino with Ducati, CARTILS respected both brand worlds by creating a true Italian design, while balancing it with the required activation. The multiple Ducati logos in the background of the label give the dynamic feeling relating to the fast performance of the brand. The blue colour banknote structure and the prominent S.Pellegrino logo give the authentic feeling of the brand. This is also seen on the packaging of the six-pack bottles but printed in metallic blue giving it the premium S.Pellegrino quality feeling. Ducati and S.Pellegrino become one in the red colour that both brands share, which represents their passion, revolving in the design of the star and the logo of Ducati. To define more explicitly their Italian passion, the Italian flag is used as a ribbon that elegantly is wrapped around the six-pack, giving it a feeling as if it were a gift. A gift of a sparking Italian experience.

The limited edition is available since May 2014 in multiple markets all over the world, bringing the sensorial, social and cultural experience of Italian passion on the table of every S. Pellegrino lover.

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