Designed by OlssønBarbieri, Norway.

Cuvée S is a result of a collaborationship between Master of Wine Sebastian Bredal and the largest online dating service in Norway called (translates sugar).

The goal was to create a product that visualized “LOVE” in a surprising way with a modern expression.

The visual concept is inspired by Russian Sonia Delaunay´s abstract painting from 1913 and tailored to William Shakespear´s Romeo and Juliet; one of the most famous love stories ever. The play was originally staged in Verona, north Italy which is also the place where Cuvée S is produced today. The empty areas created between the dialogues are painted with aquarelle and are thought to reflect the tension and pauses in the dialogue between two people who meets for the first time.

The dialogue ends..
Juliet: O think´st thou we shall ever meet again?
Romeo: I doubt it not; and all these woes shall serve
For sweet discourses in our time to come

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