Agency: Bratus
Creative Director/Designer: Jimmi Tuan
Graphic Designer: Hai Au
Account Manager: Hien Nguyen
Client: The Lesbian Donkey
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Vietnam

The Lesbian Donkey is a business that was founded in 2013, with main o ce in Plomari.

Plomari is a famous town for growing and olive oil production of Lesbos, a Greek island. Olive oil products in this region is famous for the pure
and high nutritional value with harvesting methods traditional and crafts.

Donkeys are animals associated with the lifestyle of the people here. They are beloved donkey and the donkey image used to promote the tourism industry as well as olive oil produced here.

However, all the olive oil brand here mostly spontaneous and does not have a brand really stand out to entice users to remember as well as compete with other brands on the market, although production their products are quality.

Foreseeing this situation, with the determination to advance and promote strong brand olive oil family tradition as well as enhance the competitiveness with other brands in the region, Spiros – boss of this brand has decide build a new olive oil brand to match the new business strategy, with the rather unique name: The Lesbian Donkey.

“Lesbian” is the brandname was connect from letter “Les” in Lesbos, the boss of this brand want have a di erence brandname and make everyone more impressive and memorable, so Lesbian was choose. This’s the reason why this brand have name : The Lesbian Donkey

"In today’s world investing in your brand is the foundation for success of your business. Working together with the Bratus has been an excellent experience. They have provide us with great designs and the unique branding features to market our olive oil. Cooperation with them is warm and they are always available for communication and further understanding of our needs and desires. In them we de nitely found the agency that we needed " Spiros Avgiris, Director, The Lesbian Donkey.

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