Agency: Brown&co
Designer: Keelie Teasdale
Creative directors: Dave Brown, Bic Bicknell, Alex Robertson
Strategy director: Troy Wade
Copywriter: Troy Wade
Illustrators: Colin & James Frewin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bomonti
Location: Turkey
Packaging Contents: Lager, Red Ale and Stout
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Aluminium can
Printing Process: Applied ceramic labeling / direct printing

Refine the Bomonti visual language and reunite the family of variants while maintaining simple consumer navigation, mindful that Turkey is the darkest of markets in the promotion of alcohol brands. (i.e. outlawed in many respects)

Bomonti was the first beer made in Turkey – they have been making beer their own way since 1890. In recent years, the Bomonti family design has become fragmented. With a strong positioning of Kendine Has (live your way), Brown&co were asked to bring this positioning alive creating a succinct brand family, including the introduction of a new variant.

We created a strong visual architecture based on the top performing variant in the Bomonti stable – Filtresiz. The colour coding of the variants allows for simple range navigation, while the basic structure of the label ensures that the Bomonti branding remains consistent. Along with this, we created new innovative designs for cans (including 3D structural proposals) and an identity for their World Beer Series to be used off pack.

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