Designed by Molivi, Greece.

Claricell®, Your Natural Ally!

Claricell® is a food supplement, 100 % natural. Its ingredients are known for restoring immune functions of the body. In addition to the natural ingredient Wellmune®, it contains flavonoids and Vitamin D. Its formula is scientifically proven, has no negative side effects, and is not a medicine. Claricell® belongs to the nutritional preventive market and is targeted for people with asthma & allergy.

Our objective was to create a packaging that conveys the brand as the best natural choice for the prevention of asthma and allergy. While at the same time communicate authority and a pharmaco-nutrition image in a clean and distinct way. We used natural friendly colours and iconized the allergens.

There are two adult and a kid’s formula, and the brand will initially launch in the European and African markets.

We thank Pharmaco Nutrition, Switzerland for trusting us to design the packaging of Claricell® and we wish them good luck with the product launch!

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