Rexam Leads The Way In Innovation Offering Super Premium Editions™ And Positive Editions™

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, is now offering Super Premium Editions™ and, for the first time, Positive Editions™ to its customers from all Rexam locations, in a move that reinforces its position as a leader in beverage packaging innovation.

Rexam’s patent pending Editions™ technology allows for up to 24 different designs to be printed simultaneously on a single pallet. Super Premium Editions™ offers the next step in can design, printing high definition detailed images onto the can. Positive Editions™ allows for the inclusion of colour on text, silhouettes and high definition images.

Speaking about these new developments for Editions™, Paul Winwright, European Graphics Manager at Rexam says, “We recognised a demand in the market for unique and intricate can designs. Following the success of Editions™ last year, the introduction of Super Premium Editions™ and Positive Editions™ is a natural step in extending the technology even further. We are proud to provide our customers with unrivalled printing options that allow their brands great stand out on shelf and endless marketing opportunities.”

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via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery