Designer: A.-M. Baumann
Type of work: Concept
Country: Germany

A.-M. Baumann's personal project demonstrated his creativity and conceptual skills. Aside from his full time job, he devoted the remaining time and energy onto this project creating the corporate design and the packaging design.

A simple and elegant design that feels entirely fresh, with cans in various beautiful colors representing the different flavors. The seven different designs provide you with an idea of the perfect flavor experience of a premium vodka drink.

– Diamond (40% Vodka)
– Ice (20% Vodka)
– Litchi (litchi flavor)
– Hibiscus (hibiscus flavor)
– Vanilla (vanilla flavor)
– Peach (peach flavor)
– Cherry (cherry flavor)

Blackout Vodka’s modern and lascivious style is represented by the slogan “You’re gonna love it”.

Blackout Vodka is a modern, high-quality premium vodka which only can be purchased in selected locations. The preferred advertising channels are print magazines as GQ, Rolling Stone and The Sharp One as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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