Agency: V2G Creative
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Moscow, Russia

The strategic decision to re-brand Raviollo came as a result of the companies business initiative to reposition its product ranges under the new brand moto and mission-vision (Quality Squared) to highlight the companies leading position as a producer of healthy home-like prepared frozen meals and reassure its 14 year reputation and experience in the sector.

The rebranding strategy spread across all customer touch points creating a new brand experience through all product ranges.

The rebranding included creating new visual language and renewed identity for the corporate brand Raviollo, keeping a link with the previous well known raviollo identity through color palette and an identity element the "chefs hat".

The creation of the new symbol took into consideration a flexible structure to adapt to different product lines, Raviollo semi-ready frozen food, and Raviollo ice-creams.

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