Designed by DERNSTING, Germany.
Designer Name: Arne Weitkaemper/ Tina Brunner
Creative Director: Daniel Ernsting
Photograph: Marius Wolfram
Art Buying: Anne Kotte


SMOKY DAVE’S Barbecue Sauce is the first rock’n’ roll BBQ Sauce ever. The founder Dave formerly was the lead-singer of a famous german crossover band. Premium quality, authenticity and real rock image – that’s SMOKY DAVE’Sis standing for.

SMOKY DAVE’S Barbecue Sauce is specially made for rock festivals, events, steak restaurants and at the butchers on highstreets.

We used this kind of flask to underline the sip of a great whiskey inside. 21 ingredients give SMOKY DAVE’S the special zest.

Starting with tomatoes, peaches, celery, bell pepper, pineapple juice and – of course a shot of Rock’n’ Roll. And it’s handmade!

The golden banderole derived from a bold belt bucket. A typical Rock’n’Roll accessoires. The benefit on the other hand is a high visibility to the inside, the delicious bbq sauce. Handcrafted ornaments like the corn, the chili or the ring around Dave are finishing the style.

A deep black-black special printed paper is raised stemped on the typo and ornaments for a high premium feeling. A stemped „SD“ signet on the cap completes the premium overdose.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery