Designed by Park 13, Germany.
Designer: Petra Dietlein

Boutique Winery Sven Nieger – New treasures from a deserted wine area

Branding, Concept, Slogan
The logo remembers to a typical crest symbol (often used in Germany’s winerys) from Baden-Baden.
With an open lid from a treasure cest where the grapes glow like diamonds. A short cut from comic style points the sence of “New Treasures from Baden”

Design, Packaging
Photograhs show the story about the “Harvesting of Diamonds”
Packaging, Stationary, Website, Imagebrochure want to concentrate “New Treasures

A young man well-traveled discovered old hanging top vineyard. No one want to cultivate these old excellent
vines because of too much work for little fruits. Mostly wine tradition of Baden is dated and prejudiced.
Sven Nieger bought these vineyards and starter 2012 a lovely small boutique-winery in an old village.
His first wines are four different exclusive Riesling. Meanwhile his rare Riesling you can find awarded by Falstaff, Knoll or you can buy in some exclusive restaurants.

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