Designer: Ash O'Flanagan
Project Type: Student Project
School: National College of Art and Design Dublin Ireland
Course: Visual Communications
Tutor: Conor Clarke
Location: Dublin
Packaging Contents: Bread Mix
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, cardboard, tissue

A shops identity is the face of the business. It is what people come to recognise, relate to and seek out. Mannings Bakery is the oldest Irish family owned bakery in Dublin today. Situated on Thomas Street in the historical Liberties area the bakery traditionally sold bread and cakes, but now has expanded to that of a cafe setting. Though well known to people who would pass it each day the brand lacked the ability to bring people in from further afield. A brand should grow with its customers and their changing needs. By creating products, packaging and a identity that can be used across a wide range of applications a brand can expand past the restrictions of its shop walls.

What's Unique?
The bread mix jars in which I created have a unique wrap paper sleeve around the mason jar that hold the dry materials used for the baking of the bread. The sleeve on the front shows the Mannings Bakery logo along with flavour of bread of weight. The back shows the instructions of how to make the loaf with the inside back the nutritional information. This back sleeve is perforated so it can be taken off and collected like a recipe card. The jars can be used time and time again which means there is very little waste packaging in the entire product making it eco friendly and recyclable. The cake corner was also a invention of mine for the specific bakery as their cakes are square and fit easily in this little corrugated corner for easy eating when on the go.

Not only did I rebrand the bakery but I also designed a brand guidelines for easy reading for any studio or person to understand the meaning and reason behind each detail of the new identity.

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