Agency: Raison Pure NYC
Laurent Hainaut – Founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Nicole Duval – Visual Strategist
Lorena Seminario – Creative Director
Ann Chen – Art Director
Alex Boulware – Designer
Harry Chong – Art Director
Kate Rascoe – Designer
Linda Tseng – Production Director
Rebecca Etter- Account Manager

Client: Diageo
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: USA

Inspired by the travels of the Johnnie Walker agents in the 19th century, the Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection builds on the brand’s history and is relevant for today’s global citizens seeking new experiences. The packaging creates a window into each trade-route journey by using a device to show a pattern and palette that mirrors the liquid within. A new Walking Man globe symbol pays homage to the Johnnie Walker’s tenet of “Keep Walking” while visually unifying the series.

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