Client: Rodnik ZAO
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Belarus

ARMBRAND effective solutions studio designed sweet liqueurs line for a Russian manufacturer Rodnik ZAO.

Sweet spirits are traditionally considered girly. However, unlike the major world brands, Russian producers not infrequently fail to benefit from such positioning. ARMBRAND suggested that the cream liqueur be positioned as a female-only drink.

Most cream liqueurs are produced in low and bulbous bottles. A sleek and slender bottle, unconventional for the product category, makes Laguna stand out among the competitors and appeals to grace and femininity. The palm-tree silhouettes against the sun relate the product to the prominent and widely known beverages, such as Malibu and Passoa. The label is shaped like the hurricane glass, traditionally used for sweet cocktails. It somewhat reminds of a drop and communicates the drink's thick texture. The drink's colour blends nicely with the label colours, while the saturated blue and golden match the liqueur name, Laguna. The flavour indication area is icon-shaped, in line with the contemporary design tendencies, and does not clutter the composition.

Fresh and bright colours side with the brand communication and make the overall image alluring for the target audiences.

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