Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
Abi Singmin – Senior Designer
Gavin Greenhalf – Creative Director
Mariella Menato – Account Manager
Client: Woolworths
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Sydney, Australia

Based on the customer insight that mums in Australia are looking for healthy snacking options for their children’s lunch boxes, Woolworths developed a range of ‘99% fruit ingredient’ snack sticks for kids aged 4-8.

Brief & Objectives
Marque was tasked with developing a sub-range under the Select brand with the core objectives to deliver a healthy, reassuring pack design for mum that would also be bright and bold enough for children, creating ‘playground appeal’.

The key challenge: how to deliver a healthy fun pack design solution for mum but one that would stand out in a bright and bold category – a category that typically employs design cues more associated with the confectionery aisle.

Creative Solution
Marque’s naming strategy built on a core product truth – that the sticks wibble in your hand: ‘Fruit Wibbles’ – simple, honest, memorable.

The design strategy employed white as the range colour for its semiotic signals of purity and naturalness, complimented with bright, fresh, fruity colours to create energy and fun, and drive standout at the fixture.

Long, tall, wobbly typography was developed to bring the ‘Fruit Wibbles’ identity to life, further building on the product truth.

Combining health and fun, we also created fruity characters to deliver playfulness and excitement to the pack. Each character has ‘wibbly’ arms, again building on the product truth. The key selling message – ‘99% Fruit Ingredients’ – is also heroed at the top of the pack, held up by one of these healthy characters.

A die-cut window creates a sense of fun by revealing the cheeky squished faces of the characters on the wraps inside.

The fun personality is also driven through on pack copy: “Pop your hands in the air – Wibble like you just don’t care!” and the characters claiming “I’m fruity” and “I’m fun”, provide a platform for future activation driving fun into the playground.

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