Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
Greg Boulting – Senior Designer
Gavin Greenhalf – Creative Director
Suzi Della-Pietra – Account Director

Client: Woolworths
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Country: Sydney, Australia

A change in milk processing by proprietary brands to omit the use of permeate in milk and provide consumers with milk ‘the way it should be’ instigated Woolworths revisiting its private brand milk strategy. This resulted in a restructuring of their portfolio, removing the entry tier brand and delivering a new Permeate Free offering under the Woolworths Select mid-tier brand.
The market’s shift had also led customers to believe that the milk they had been purchasing was over processed and less natural than farm sourced milk.

Brief & Objectives
We were tasked to create a Woolworths Select milk range that clearly conveys the Permeate Free offering, whilst reassuring the customer of the real and natural quality of the milk, mitigating their sense that milk had become over processed.

The range identity also had to fully embrace the passion Australian consumers have for supporting Australian farmers and convey local sourcing by State.

Creative Solution
The design strategy was to take the customer back to the farm – the local farm – reassuring them of the purity of the milk. Dairy cows are seen grazing on fresh grass and with a farm’s traditional, old, hand painted wooden signpost loudly calls out the key selling messages of ‘Permeate Free’ and the State of production (NSW, VIC etc).

The category variant colours provide powerful navigation on shelf. This area of pack also drives the range’s supporting message: “Farmed Fresh. Australian Milk. Purest Quality”.

The resultant design is impactful at the fixture, creating a herd of cows in a lush green field, further delivering the desired natural, farm fresh feel.

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