Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Volga Ice
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

For Volga Ice we created a new brand of ice cream "From our yard" with natural cream and classic flavors.

A task
The concept of the brand "From our yard" was developed during the workshop, conducted by Getbrand agency for Volga Ice employees. Before the training, all participants were given the task to collect quotes of consumers about ice cream.

Identified insight, which formed the basis of the brand, sounded like this: "I would like to feel like a child once more, but I can not escape from everyday vanity."

First, we define the value portrait of the target audience of the new brand. These are rather conservative people who adhere to the traditional values. As a rule, they are convinced that earlier it was better, and modern changes negatively affected the quality of products.

On an emotional level, they are looking for the feelings of security and serenity that they experienced in their childhood. This search might be, as in 50, as in 25 years as well, so initially in the idea of ​​the brand there are no template references to the Soviet era. Childhood, like the feeling of nostalgia, is much broader and deeper than the historical framework and stereotyped ideas about this or that era.

As a key trigger for childhood nostalgia, black and white children's photographs were chosen.

The close acquaintance with the company's employees after the workshop and their enthusiasm for their work inspired us to the idea of ​​using children's photos of the employees themselves and putting them on the packaging. So the brand "From our yard" became the voice of the history of the whole enterprise and found a deeply personal legend.

Children's photos and quotes from employees – from the general director, chief technologist, logisticians to sales managers – were placed on ice cream packages. There was a whole group of kids, whom we combined under the name "From our yard".

On the reverse side you can also see them, but grown-ups, telling their childhood dream: "When I was a little girl I dreamed of 500 ice cream, and now I work at the ice cream factory". It turned out a very spiritual story from the first person, which builds a trustful warm relationship with the buyer. And without any doubts people can see that the ice cream has an excellent quality, because the creators vouched for him with their own responsibility and childhood dream.

"From our yard" is a delicacy, supposedly creating a foretaste of a holiday for the child who lives inside us!

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