Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
Client: Woolworths
Country: Sydney, Australia

Luisa Scoppa – Senior Designer
Gavin Greenhalf – Creative Director
Suzi Della-Pietra – Account Director

Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Woolworths launched their sustainable fishing strategy for fresh fish in 2011 in line with the global movement towards sustainability. Woolworths has subsequently introduced Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products into the Woolworths Select brand, ensuring that 100% of Select canned tuna is “Pole and Line” caught. The clear communication of this offering is to be a critical proof point in Woolworths following through on its publicly announced sustainability goals.

Brief & Objectives
Marque was tasked with creating revolutionary design change to highlight the execution of Woolworths sustainable fishing through its new ‘Pole and Line Caught’ canned range. The design also required a large range to hang together strongly, whilst affording ease of navigation at the fixture of various product formats and flavours.

Creative Solution
The Woolworths Select Pole and Line Caught Tuna design strategy specifically breaks category norms, employing illustration in favour of photography. This differentiates for standout at the fixture in a manner that supports the sustainability proposition. The soft and stylised watercolour sea-scape illustration, with textured natural buff background, also subtly compliments the perceived gentleness of the more humane pole and line fishing. The “Pole and Line caught” tuna illustration is also designed to stand out strongly on pack with an accessible and fish-friendly, relaxed illustration, appealing to people who not only love the product but love our planet as well.

Variant navigation via colour is also strong on pack to assist the customer at this busy fixture.

Woolworths commitment to sustainable fishing is further conveyed by strong messaging on the top of the can.

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