Designed by Ratowsky Creative, United States.
Designer: Grason Ratowsky

Xotic Paper believes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The company takes natural waste such as pulp, pomace and fiber from industries that expel such materials and transforms it into the world’s finest and most unique up-cycled, 100% tree-free natural papers. The initial line: The world’s first Wine Paper.

Ratowsky Creative came up with the entire design execution from inception to completion.

“We wanted to come up with a modern, forward thinking approach for the overall feel of Xotic Paper to add a level of excitement to people’s common perception of everyday paper.” -Grason Ratowsky

The identity is composed of numerous geometric origami styled “folds” representing the unique elements of the paper that together compose the X factor of Xotic Paper. The brand’s logo paired with print favored CMYK values mold together to offer a modern, minimalist, interchangeable solution to Xotic Paper’s product & packaging needs.

Xotic Paper: This is Paper Done Better.

via Packaging of the World