Designed by Dounia Alexandra Nassar
Country: Lebanon / United States

What I wanted to convey through the identity and package design of this range of products was freshness and intimacy.

Lumeer is a middle-east/oriental inspired product, which reflects the culture the traditions and richness as well as this proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the importance of the sun/light in our daily life (hence the name lumeer from lumière in French). With its oriental feel translated by the name of the product, the pattern and the fresh colors of the package Lumeer positions itself as a trustworthy and sophisticated brand that will provide freshness to your daily life.

The attention to details and as well as the minimal yet refined design suggest quality and modernity while bringing forwards this “clean look” feel.
The floral pattern for the cream and the sun pattern for the sunscreen reflect the product as well as the brand and it’s identity.

Lumeer is a modern brand that brings forward freshness, quality, cleanliness and trust.

via Packaging of the World