Designed by Carré Noir Italia, Italy.


Carré Noir Italia created a new image for Rosso Antico (it means “ANTIQUE RED”), a fortified wine made by the Buton distillery (now Montenegro) that was very famous in the sixties.

The objective was to express the heritage of the product in a contemporary light: an icon from the past with a modern spirit, but with recognizable elements (the shape of the bottle, the heralds and the name).

The project reinterprets the historical elements with a minimal and elegant approach: an “essential” solution that is able to both celebrate the past and look towards the future.

The new transparent bottle keeps the sinuous shape of the traditional one and gives visibility to the unique ruby red colour of the product.

The “Rosso Antico” brand gains more personality through a unique lettering that is inspired by the Italian typographic heritage. The thin red and gold outline guarantees strong visibility and a premium mood that is coherent with the “Simply Elegant” positioning. The weight of the word “Antico” (“Antique”) was also reduced.

In the lower part of the bottle, a “seal” communicates the product’s long history: the writing “Aperitivo dal 1962”(“Aperitif since 1962”) surrounds the traditional golden herald, which features the signature of the founder, Giovanni Buton.

via Packaging of the World