Agency: Madison TMB
Designer: Peter Semenikhin
Client: Consolidated Penza distilleries LLC.
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Content: Cider

Label design of Mr. Craft cider was developed by Madison TMB designers for Consolidated Penza distilleries LLC.

Main target: To communicate in label design main values of the brand: environmentally friendly and naturalness.

Solution: Original and atmospheric illustration has been made by our illustrators for this project. This unique illustration underlines lightness of the brew. Mr. Craft (character on illustration) is a real crafter, he pick apples for his cider by himself and get around on the most sustainable transport- bicycle. Early autumn is a harvest time for apples. Our Illustrators wanted to show the early autumn by way of falling leaves and apples. Natural texture of craft paper was used as a background of the label, because it's dissimilar texture transfers an idea of a craft product.

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