Company: Delightful Season, LLC
Head of Marketing Department: Alyona Trifonova
Designer: Maria Potapova
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Packaging Contents: Sunflower seeds
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polymer film
Printing Process: Flexography

By the Marketing Department of the “Delightful Season”, LLC, it was done the improvement of the packaging for the brand of nuts, seeds and dried fruits “Senechka”. A new concept we decided to broadcast right away to a new product – black salted sunflower seeds.

For the main character of the brand, the cat, there was chosen a contrasting combination of black and bright green. Such approach was not usual for the brand earlier. Before the combination for cat and its pattern used to be a pair of monochrome colors. Black color builds a direct association with the product itself – black seeds. Green adds a bright accent, makes the packaging catchy and expressive, and also strengthens the connection with the positioning of the product as natural, "green" ("100% NATURAL"). Also, the cat is now turned to the right, and not to the left, as it was before. This makes it easier to perceive the design, because it doesn’t contradict the direction of the text’s line reading (people read from left to right, and the cat is now facing the same direction). Twigs and flowers are located on the contour of the central figure, which creates a pleasant feeling of "stroking" the cat.

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