Agency: 121
Creative Director: Carlos Rubio
Art Director: Christopher Aguayo
Designer: Janeth Andrade
Location: Annapolis, MD/USA
Type of work: Commercial Work

Örganic Terre is a Mexican Company dedicated to the organic products development, they launched an agave honey, a beverages and food sweetener that has many health benefits. Currently the main obstacle Örganic Terre is facing is the fact that most consumers relate Agave to the main ingredient of Tequila.

121’s challenge was to develop a very practical and attractive packaging design that communicates at first glance that the content is “Honey” and not “Agave Inulin”, its technical name. The solution was clear and we opted for a design that represents the color, textures and density of the honey through a harmonic composition of thick drops that glide through the label, simple and direct!
Besides this design success on the shelves it also won the Bronze Award in the packaging category in the last round of the Summit Creative Awards.

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