Designed by Supperstudio, Spain.

Treasure, underwater hidden a unique, exclusive and different wine

The Project
Treasure is the first and unique winery wines submarine located in the Bay of Biscay. After maturing in American oak barrels the wine is ready to be placed under the sea where it’s continuously controlled by biologists and winemakers. This is where it acquires its unique character, at the same time creating an artificial reef where more than 80 different species of marine life have been identified.

The results from wine tastings have given a surprising outcome: a unique structure, intensive colours, gentle and sweet attack to the palate with a presence of vanilla and fruit aromas.

When Bajoelagua Factory asked Supperstudio to create the brand and the packaging of Treasure, we knew that was an exciting project, and of course and exciting challenge.

Our solution
We begin working upon two pillars: the flavor and the authentic personality of a wine rocked in the ocean; and a recovery project of the sea flora and fauna. We designed an “iconic” branding that is
stamped directly on the bottle. A practically naked bottle is delivered to the client in very special packaging: three perforated pieces and one solid piece make up this packaging in which the bottle
is housed. Two rubber inlays hold the packaging together and protect the treasure within it.

Simple, recycled and out-of-context materials for a different project and product.

via Packaging of the World