Agency: De Icebreaker Creative Studio
Creative Head: Pankti Sheth
Photographer: Mr. Ruben Singh
Food Stylist: Ms. Aarti Fedance
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Miraj Group
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Poly Plastic
Printing Process: Graveur

Aacharan Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is a food subsidiary of Miraj Group India. In the wake of a new millennial, the group took on an endeavor to branch out into a foods division.

With such prevailing high competition in the FMCG market, MIRAJ GROUP approached us to create a unique design that would instantaneously stand out in the market and also something that gives the brand a different image. The packaging should not be clustered but also should convey all the required information to their audience. The design should be subtle yet eye-catching. The customer must get the whole idea of the product at first glance.

The challenges that we observed in this brand that was to be implemented were on Brand positioning, Composition, Claiming, Product Shot, Color Specifications as the competition was becoming tougher, we had to devise packaging which was the best fit for millennials and indigents. Another hurdle was to create a packaging that not only justifies each flavor but also synchronizes with the color coding and its USP.

While also deciding the name for the product, we desired to have something which should be short, snacky, and enticing and hence we popped the name "KHATACK" which also symbolizes the sound made while eating crispy sacks.

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