Agency: Fabula Branding
Client: Turov Dairy Factory
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Belarus

Fabula Branding performed integrated trademark development (naming, logotype, package design) for Turov Dairy Factory.

In general, corporate look is based on the use of texture of natural materials which enables visualizing of “naturality” of the offered goods already on the identity level.

The package of a new trademark is no exception in the company portfolio – paper of rough surface is an ideal background for watercolour artworks in handmade style. The artwork design makes play with the situation of consumption: “contents” on the package is surrounded by matching products recommended to pair with this or that cheese to get full delight.

Although the product belongs to mid-range segment and is of Belarusian origin, the trademark is perceived as being genuine Italian. This raises the level of product confidence compared to competitive alternatives.

While there are no patterned photos of a glossed over product made by food stylists and retouched with due diligence in graphic editors to achieve “glamorous” effect, the package looks attractive, eye-catching and tasty. And most important, it stands out among the competitors.

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