Creative team: Inkeles Roman, Schreiber Arthur, Makarova Evgenija, Yurkov Kirill, Kadashov Maxim, Usov Vladimir.
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Moscow / Russia

Designers of STUDIOIN created a range of low alcohol cocktails GT which combines a very classic Gin-tonic with a need for a breakneck speed of Gran Turismo.
The client is "UniDrinq" company. The studio has recently completed works on creation of concept design for another product of "UniDrinq" – BATL, that showed quite a successful market launch.

Pure metal of the bottle bottom side is rich in contrast, at the same time it is in good harmony with the carbon fiber lines, whereas colorful variations focus on original flavors.
This modern tuning allows GT to break forward and “pimp up” reality on the shelf of low alcohol drinks.

Gin + Tonic
Speed + Power
Good balance – no extra.

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