Design Agency: Prompt Design
Executive Creative Director : Somchana Kangwarnjit
Designers: Ratthakorn Disjaiyen, Sutee Onnum, SKJ, Pongpipat Jetsadalak
Retouchers : Thiyada Akarasinakul, Pantipa Pummuang, Chalida Assawamongkholsiri
Account Executive : Jutharath Vankaew, Sirin Poopiamsakdi
Packaging Materials: Plastic, glass
Location: Thailand

Beverage market nowadays has been very active in promoting new products and packages. We discover an interesting idea to develop a perception through new packaging design.

The ‘B-ing’ bottle package is designed so that shrink film wrap (which is double-side printed) when being torn along the dotted marks around the bottle top will show a blooming flower appearance with petals.

The ‘B-ing’ comes with 4 flavors being the Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Lotus and Butterfly pea. This new package will certainly give customers’ experience and feeling of fresh and natural flower flavor.

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