Agency:​ Redfish​
Designer:​ Giovanni Murgia​
Client:​ Tenute Olbios Winery​
Country:​ Italy​
Photos by Michele Secchi​
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Tenute Olbios is a wine-growing and wine-producing company ​based in Sardinia (Italy) ​with a precise expansion project: search for quality and excellence in an original and exclusive manner in every aspect of the production. T​he new wine of Tenute Olbios is called Cavè. The last-born of Tenute Olbios wineries is a particular wine, a so-called ‘rosè of one night’ because it is left one night to macerate in red grape skin, in order to gain its characteristic cherry-red colour and unique flavour. Theelegance and lightness of the label design and the packaging project mirror the qualities of this young and light wine. The young hawk flying free symbolizes the freedom and freshness expressed by this wine. Cavè’s story begins at the border between reality and legend, during a warm summer night in Sardinia. “The Spirit of the Night looked Cavè into his deep and dark eyes. He gave her wings to take her vitality to the world. She made a promise to thank him. You will find me in every sip of this wine'.

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