Agency: Bluestepstudio
Designer: Bluestepstudio
Client: Lilliu Winery
Country: Italy
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

The Lilliu Winery is a relatively recent winery but with a philosophy that is a reflection of the strong sardinian tradition yet guided the fresh ideas of its young owners.

Dedicated wholeheartedly to a synergic production they produce wines with an authentic and genuine quality. Their wish was to create wines that will become classic. Designed by Bluestepstudio, the Lilliu wines' packaging is an exact response of that dream, a design that is both modern and traditional at the same time. The concept of monogram is in the base of the design: for every single wine label the monogram was created, as a combination of the initial letter of the name and the graphical symbol that stands for it, as well as the colours. The choice of the wine bottle was also fundamental in order to express the concept and it gave the touch of elegance to the line. The result is minimal but very distinguished.

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