Designed by Clearthinking Creative, United Kingdom.
Designer: Daryl Wilkinson

ioShutter – Packaging redesign and Brand refinement

The briefing session went something like this;

“OK here’s the deal, the inside info is; one of the world’s biggest online IT retailers love my photographic cable of AWESOMENESS but they feel the packaging needs a lift before they will take it. Can you make this thing POP?” Our response was quite simple – “Oh yeah, we can make it POP!” And the result? The IT retailer took a huge order.

ioShutter is a really innovative product that pushes camera cable releases to new territory, with awesome functionality like sound activation – ‘clap to snap’ and motion activation – ‘shake to take’ being utilised along side more conventionally, but refined, simplified and improved standard functions like; time-lapse, timer and long exposure functions.

Laminates and gloss UV varnish were used to emphasise and position the ioShutter in the premium section. Whilst we also utilised the pack side panels to educate the consumer, as this is a new market segment. Retail response has been high.

Clearthinking Creative are a multi disciplinary boutique design consultancy specialising in SME and start up business.

via Packaging of the World