Client: Corsair
Country: Taiwan
Type of Work: Commercial Work

Exhibiting strong capabilities in a wide range of design projects, CRE8 DESIGN was commissioned by Corsair to take charge of both the product design and the package design for their high-end memory kit – the Dominator Platinum DRAM.

Translating the core product values into the package design was seamless work as the graphic and product design teams cooperated as one cohesive multidisciplinary task force. Quoted from the press, “this unified solution just screams superior quality”.

The corners of the sophisticated black and silver box have been trimmed off to mimic the iconic angled ends of the metal light-bar that sits on top of the Dominator heat spreader. The front of the box shows a photo of the module and sports a window with the same angled corners to display the new aluminum head sink. A shiny "platinum" color is incorporated on the sides and in logos to match the name.

Inside, the memory modules are contained in high-density foam that helps them stay safe during product delivery. Each DRAM is nestled inside an anti-static plastic blister case, to further protect them from any damage. Moreover, CRE8 DESIGN constructed the box so that it could be sold as combo-kits. An ingenious cardboard hinge solution allows for combinations of two, four, or six combo-kits, where each box contains two DRAM modules.

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