Design Agency: 43'oz
Designer: Alex Kodimsky
Client: Aviselect
Country: Moldova
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

The project on rebranding “Mezellini” – the company dealing with production&distribution of sausage and meat products.

Mezellini – is one of the leading company on Moldavian market that produce sausage and meat products. Company’s directorship contacted us with an enquiry on redesign the brand and the whole of output, as the current design isn’t relevant to contemporary market. The central and most important thing in assigned task was to maintain Trade Mark’s recognizability.

The whole process was divided into several stages.

First of all we upgraded and freshened the company’s logotype. The main character was redrawn, that is from the cunning king we made a smiling and cheerful chief cook. Then we changed the font to a more readable and modern but what most important – we threw away all these small-scale elements that obstruct the adequate perception of a mark.

After the competitive analysis of current manufacturers on the market, colour code and a style itself was reconsidered and changed to a new one. For the logo and labels we offered a colour code that consists of brown, orange and beige, while competitors use such colors as red, silver with red, brown with beige, red with beige. But we took a different tack and settle on colorful and contrast style with the next associative array:

Brown – the color of crisp roasted meat
Orange – the color of appetizing spices
Beige – crafted color of aged paper
Pale green (later applied to labels) – color of fresh potherbs and naturality

Further, in the process of labels design development we came up with an idea of contrast striped pattern that would help the manufacturer to stand out on a shelf amongst competitors. As a result the label looks fresh and modern.

In addition we developed a key visual that represents a composition with a minimum amount of products, at the same time we used other natural elements such as wood pattern, fresh vegetables and spices.

It should be mentioned that unlike old design of the label we put emphasis directly on a brand itself, by highlighting and enhancing it. In conclusion, the brand name that is presented in a bigger size works much more active on a shelf.

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