Design Agency: Thomas Manss & Company
Designer: Matteo Di Iorio
Client: Palazzo Avino
Country: United Kingdom

Palazzo Avino is a dream come true. Treasured by Giuseppe Avino whilst working with his father Attilio at the helm of the family’s tomato canning business, his passion finally became a reality with the opening of the Palazzo in 1995.

Since the Avino family took over the property the Palazzo has become a favourite retreat for the most discerning guest. With its beautiful setting, perched on the hills of Ravello, the Palazzo is today the pride and joy of the Avino family.

This packagings have been designed as a little departure gift. It's a piece of Avino family history and a memory of Italian sunny land. This limited series of tins are composed by 12 different external tins pictures. Inside a little round leaflet explain the history of Palazzo Avino and suggests a little recipe of a traditional meal of Avino family.

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