Agency: Brandnew Agency
Designer: Georg Lippitsch
Photos: Roland Krauss
Client: Reisenberg
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Austria

New identity for Reisenberg’s vineyard, design of the wine-bottle’s label

In the course of the re-design of vineyard Reisenberg’s corporate identity (vineyard and „Heuriger“ in Vienna, Grinzing) a new sign was made in order to unite all its facets and characteristics.

The logo (showing a corkscrew) is a two-dimensional manifestation of a tool used in the daily routine of the winery used for prints and other applications such as the website.

The name Reisenberg and all the actions correlated to the winery’s activities upon the subject wine and enjoyment got reduced to the essential. The outcome is a strong signet made out of steel and chrome, which astonishingly can be even used for uncorking wine bottles. I claim: the first logo with a corkscrew-function!

There are no logo colors or any corporate design guidelines as such. The new icon should be regarded as approachable identity, making experience possible.

This reduction is carried on within the design of the wine label. The frontside of the bottle shows solely type of grape and producer of the wine by leaving blank the natural recycling paper in the symbol’s shape, revealing finally the bottle’s content.

Project was a finalist at the Chromolux ”Less with more” Challenge 2013

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